Youth Engagement Toolkit

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Project Phases

When you are looking to create sustained environmental change, it's not going to happen with a one-shot approach. It takes time, effort and dedication. We've broken the process down into Three Phases: Awareness, Advocacy and Action.

Each of these phases gets its own section in the tool kit because they are all essential to ensuring that the change you want to make will work and last. Without awareness activities, no one will know what you are fighting for. Without advocacy efforts, no one will know how they can join the team. Without action projects, nothing gets done.

Overview of the Action Planning Phases

Awareness: Spread the Word

  • Present facts and information to public
  • Educate people in the community
  • Attract people's attention
  • Questions to ask: Who are you talking to? What do they know? What do they need to know? How can you tell them?

Advocacy: Build the Team

  • Identify partners in the community
  • Take a stance for or against the topic
  • Get people on your side
  • Questions to ask: Who do you need to include? Who from the school, community or local government can help us? How can other groups help us?

Action: Create Change

  • Make something happen
  • Changes attitudes, policy, law or norms, or teaches skills
  • The "Grand Finale" of the project
  • Questions to ask: What change do we want to see? How are we helping people? What policy or law can we change?

Print the Project Phases Outline.