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Writing a Press Release

This is Exactly How You Should Write a Press Release.

In an effort to demonstrate proper press release techniques, I've formatted this page to mimic the formatting of your press release.

San Marcos, TX December 21, 2010 - In an effort to demonstrate the proper formatting of a press release, Ruby Moore will attempt to cover all of the topics necessary in the proper formatting and length on the recently released Youth Engagement Initiative Tool Kit website. This undertaking will be quite monumental and should capture everyone's attention, just like the first two sentences in a well written press release.

When she first began writing this press release, it seemed like a fantastic way to convey the basic information that needs to be included. However as she continues on this quest Moore began to realize that there was no who, what, when, where or why to cover in the first full paragraph. She became greatly distressed as she realized that there was no story to tell in writing a press release about writing a press release and hopes others will make sure their story is clearly defined.

In an effort to keep the press release one page and between 300 and 800 words, Moore will discontinue her efforts and instead direct readers to the Press Release Formatting printout or look at these tips on writing a press release.

"I was greatly disappointed to find that my press release about writing a press release was an epic failure," Moore said as she concluded the release with the least newsworthy information.

For additional information about the writing of a press release, contact Ruby Moore, You can also take a look at the Shameless Self Promotion presentation to find out what all should really be included in a press release.

About Press Releases:

This brief paragraph will never suffice in detailing all of the information you should know about writing a press release but you should still pick out a few key points to include as you close.


Ruby Moore, Program Manager
Texas School Safety Center

If you aren't sure how well written your press release is, go to Press Release Grader to find out areas that need improvement.