Youth Engagement Toolkit

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Here are a few simple powerpoints that your group can use:

Building a Powerpoint - reviews the basics of building a power point presentation so you can ensure that your presentation is enhanced by the visual aid

Project Phases - Details about each of the project planning phases: Awareness, Advocacy, Action

Project Planning - gives an overview of how to plan a project on the most basic level

Shameless Self Promotion - to encourage your group to use all of their resources to get their message out and promote their cause

Tobacco 101 - Covers the facts surrounding tobacco: it's deadly, it's addicting and it's nasty!

Tobacco Advertising - a general overview of industry manipulation and advertising practices

Youth Engagement - presentation for adults that overviews the CDC Youth Engagement Guide and encourages them to join the youth engagement movement

The Truth About Tobacco - This is a short, scripted presentation for young people to deliver that covers basic tobacco prevention information.

We also have several PowerPoint backgrounds for use on Texas Tobacco-Free Kids Day.

Texas Unites Conference Presentations.

  • More presentations and updated versions of the above presentations are coming soon!