Youth Engagement Toolkit

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Action Activities

Publish Store Policy List:

Most stores are always looking for free publicity. One way that you can provide that for them is by publishing a directory of businesses that have strong tobacco advertisement restriction policies and encouraging your community to support those businesses.

This is a great partnership opportunity for you to work with your local media to promote the directory.

Operation Store Alert Results:

Now that your group has completed Operation Storefront, you should let your community know the conditions that they are living in and might overlook on a daily basis. This is a great opportunity to highlight the stores who are already making changes based on your groups' recommendations after the initial visit.

Don't forget to partner with your local media to promote the results.

If you are interested in participating in Operation Store Alert, please contact TxSSC for more information and training materials.

In-Store Design Display:

Once you've gotten several stores to sign the memorandum of agreement, start working on your displays. The more Warning Label designs you can get displayed, the better. You might even be able to set up a table outside of a few stores and pass out business cards with one of the designs and information about the dangers of using tobacco products on the back side.

Don't forget to send out a press release inviting the media to check out the displays!


The final step to launching your PSA is getting it ready to broadcast. You've got a product, you've got a place to broadcast it, now get it out there! Plan out which PSAs you want to be seen or heard, when you want them broadcast and what format they need to be in.

Broadcast ideas:

  • morning announcements at school
  • PA system at school sporting events
  • local radio or television station

Smoke Free Night Contracts:

Even though a business may allow tobacco products to be used on their property, they might be willing to change that for one night. Draft a sample contract and start talking to business owners (stores, restaurants, bowling alleys, etc.) about hosting a smoke free night at their location.

This activity can be done in conjunction with the Action Activity "Receipt Stickers".

Receipt Stickers:

Most people who are opposed to a statewide clean indoor air law say it is because a business owner has the right to decide if smoking should be allowed or not. The only way that some people will go smoke free is if their business drops because people stop going there. Anytime you go to a restaurant or other business that allows smoking, leave a sticker on your receipt that says you would prefer they be smoke free. You can also choose one night and have everyone visit the places you know allow smoking so they are overwhelmed by stickers.

These stickers can be places on the receipt or they can be made into cards to leave behind. Make sure the message you put on your sticker is brief and makes sense to anyone who reads it.

Sample Receipt Stickers:

Publish "Mr. Wouldya" Survey Results:

Now that your group has completed the "Mr. Wouldya" survey you need to let the community know how well (or bad) they are doing at keeping tobacco products away from minors. Things to highlight about your results: focus on the positives (% of people who said no) and praise the community for their good job; keep track of how long it takes for someone to say yes; yes versus no responses.

This would be a great partnership opportunity for you to work with your local media to promote the survey results.