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"Cookbook" Activities:

A cookbook activity is a simple, easy-to-follow recipe that has guaranteed results. OR you can add your own "secret ingredient" or local twist for a personalized outcome.

  • 1200 Display - visual display of how many people die in the US each day from tobacco use
  • Campus Clean Up - make school officials aware of the amount of cigarette litter being left on school grounds
  • Chalk Walk - Educate students about the health effects of tobacco use
  • Cigarette Butt Clean Up - Make community members aware that cigarette butts are the most collected piece of trash from roadsides in the United States and that they are NOT biodegradable
  • Death Toll - Make students aware of how many people die each day due to tobacco related cause
  • Fair Booth - Educate fair goers about the effects of tobacco, secondhand smoke exposure and other statistics related to tobacco use
  • Flash Mob - Draw people's attention to a fact about tobacco is a shocking way
  • Paper Your Parking Lot - Increase awareness about the facts surrounding tobacco use
  • Parade Float - Raise community members' awareness of tobacco facts

  • Awareness Activities

  • Advocacy Activities
  • Action Activities