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We've got a wide assortment of resources that we hope will be useful to you. If you can't find something you'd like to see, or if you have something you'd like to include, please let us know by emailing Ruby Moore.

Documents we find helpful:

The Youth Activism in Tobacco Control Toolkit was released by Legacy in August 2012. This toolkit was conceived by a team of ambitious young tobacco control advocates involved in Legacy's 2009 Youth Activism program. Their intent was to create a useful resource for youth and young adult activists working to eradicate commercial tobacco use in their schools and communities.

The 2009 FACTivism Guide (2ndhand Smoke Edition) presents a slew of guerilla tactics and actions designed for big FACT impact addressing the truth behind secondhand smoke harms. These activities are divided by difficulty level and range from "one-man missions to intense team events." It's called FACTivism, not just activism. Because we're spreading the truth about Big Tobacco's lies.

Based on the youth engagement initiative carried out by Halifax Regional Municipality, "This is a handbook of resources, tools, concepts and ideas, suggestions for action, real life stories, strategies for innovation, tips & reminders as you go along - all to help you in your work with young people."

The Actions Just for You portion of the toolkit from Halifax provides some resources and tools that can be used on an individual basis.

The YELL Handbook (Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning) is a curriculum-based program in California that is designed for school, program, and community leaders to support authentic youth participation, promote effective policies andpractices to strengthen communities, and support young people's personal growth.

The YES (Youth Engagement Strategies) guidebook walks an agency through every step of implementing a youth engagement strategy: from organizational readiness to recruitment and evaluation.