Youth Engagement Toolkit

I Have A Group

Whether you've been working with students for 2 days or 15 years, there are a few things that everyone needs reminded of:

  • There is an entire spectrum of ways that adults view young people, from USING young people to accomplish the program's objectives to truly ENGAGING young people in the process. Not sure where you're at? Take this Inventory of Adult Attitudes and Behaviors to determine if you view young people as Objects, Recipients or Resources. Students should be involved in every aspect of the program: Brainstorming, Project Planning, Implementing and Evaluating.
  • Young people should be the creators and inventors of your YOUTH program, not just a sounding board or focus groups for adult ideas.
  • The Youth / Adult partnership that makes for a successful program is a guided education - let them teach you as much as you teach them.

Start here if you'd like more information about your role as the Adult Sponsor. If your group isn't already registered with the Say What! Movement, that's your first step!