Texas Tobacco Law Toolkit

1.1 Texas Tobacco Laws Handbook

Texas Cigarette, E-Cigarette, & Tobacco Product Laws Handbook

This is a compilation of local, state, and federal laws pertaining to tobacco enforcement, along with examples of indoor and outdoor air ordinances. For your convenience, the handbook has an active table of contents that allows you to navigate through the different sections of the handbook.

    Sections include:
  • Texas Education Code, Chapter 38. Health and Safety
  • Texas Health & Safety Code, Chapter 161. Public Health Provisions
  • Texas Labor Code, Chapter 411. Workers' Health & Safety
  • Texas Penal Code, Chapter 48. Conduct Affecting Public Health
  • Texas Tax Code, Chapter 154 and 155
  • FDA - Tobacco Control Act
  • United States Code; Pro-Children Act of 2002
  • American for Non-Smokers Rights; Outdoor Places, Workplaces and Public Places
  • Texas Municipalities; Examples of Clean Indoor Air Ordinances

Texas Tobacco Law Handbook (Updated Aug 2016)