Training, Drilling, and Exercising Toolkit

2.2 Drill Scenarios

Drill scenarios should mirror the procedures outlined in campus and district plans. Drill priority should be based upon the hazards the campus is most likely to encounter and should include fire/evacuation, tornado/severe weather, lockdown, shelter-in-place, and reverse evacuation, descriptions of which can be found in the job-aids included in this toolkit.

The processes tested in each drill should be based upon feedback from campus faculty and staff to reflect the characteristics of the school and its surroundings. Additionally, drills should be conducted for summer school and after school programs as well as for regular school schedules. People with disabilities or people with access and functional needs, such as a language barrier or mobility needs should be included in drills, because they may require additional assistance.

To meet the requirements of conducting multiple drills while minimizing the impact upon instructional time, a campus may combine different drills into a larger scenario. For example, an evacuation drill can be followed by a reverse evacuation drill into a lockdown or severe weather drill. Also, the drill may, on occasion, focus on a specific population or vulnerability, rather than the entire student body and faculty. For instance, a lockdown drill might involve only the cafeteria during lunch hour.

All drills require advance planning to determine scenario and methods for evaluation. Safety measures should be in place during the drill to ensure that the drill runs smoothly and that visitors to campus are not unduly alarmed by the drill. In addition, a process should be in place to evaluate lessons learned from the drill. After action plans allow schools to continually improve the safety and security of schools and should include feedback from both staff and students. The School Safety and Security Committee should ensure that all drills are conducted, documented, and that follow-up action plans are developed and acted upon in a timely fashion.