Training, Drilling, and Exercising Toolkit

3.0 Exercising in Schools

An exercise is an event designed to practice and test procedures, which may be used in an actual emergency, in order to improve performance and identify deficiencies. Examples of exercises include tabletop, functional, and full scale events. Tabletop exercises allow an emergency scenario to be presented and constructive discussion to take place between the participants in terms of their Emergency Operation Plan components. Specifically, members of the district/campus emergency management team review and discuss the actions they would take in a particular emergency by applying procedures outlined in the Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan. The exercise is conducted in an informal, stress-free environment. Tabletop exercises are often used to clarify roles and responsibilities and to identify additional campus mitigation and preparedness needs. They should result in actions plans for continued improvement of the district/campus Emergency Operations Plan. A functional exercise is more realistic in nature. It allows participants to practice their specific roles or functions in an emergency situation. This type of exercise includes a timed component and is as close to a real event as possible without actually moving staff and resources. On the other hand, a full scale exercise is a lengthy event that takes place on location. Resources and staff are mobilized as needed. All actions are taken as if it were a real emergency. Regardless of the exercise chosen, they should all involve first responders and community emergency management personnel as necessary.

Tabletop Exercise PowerPoints

The TxSSC provides tabletop exercises on a variety of emergency situations. These exercises include the following topics: Active Shooter, Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning, Tornado, Bomb Threat, Shooter, Meningitis, Weather, and Sexual Assault. The exercises are in PowerPoint format and are intended to guide the school district”s key personnel through the various emergency situations presented.

Each of these exercises demonstrates the activation and use of the Incident Command System, identifies additional campus mitigation and preparedness needs, and provides input for continued emergency operations planning.

Tabletop Exercise: Bomb Threat - Explosion

Tabletop Exercise: Sexual Assault

Tabletop Exercise: Meningitis

Tabletop Exercise: Binge Drinking & Alcohol Poisoning

Tabletop Exercise: Active Shooter/Killer

Tabletop Exercise: Civil Unrest

Tabletop Exercise: Domestic Violence - Shooter

Tabletop Exercise: Earthquake

Tabletop Exercise: HAZMAT