Training, Drilling, and Exercising Toolkit

2.6 Drill Assessments

Use the lessons learned from a drill to update and provide training, revise processes and plans and to improve future drills. This is possible through the use of an after-action review, which is an important part of the emergency preparedness continuum. It facilitates feedback, improves processes and procedures and helps guide future planning and training.

The after-action review helps schools and districts analyze how students, staff and first responders function during an actual emergency. The reviews help guide future planning and training. Lessons learned during drills can be used to proactively develop and enhance emergency management plans to better ensure the safety of the entire school. Successes can be replicated in future drills and shared with other schools. After-action reviews support effective emergency response by helping to identify gaps or weaknesses of the emergency management process.

In addition, after each drill, the school should communicate to parents that the campus conducted a drill, identifying the type of drill conducted and including appropriate praise for student and staff involvement. Communication also should emphasize the importance of drills in helping to keep the campus safe and should encourage parents to talk to their children about individual and family preparedness.