2.0 The 7 P’s of Suicide Prevention

This section covers the 7 P’s of Suicide Prevention that are addressed in the 7 P’s of Suicide Prevention video on the Texas School Safety Center’s website. For a full explanation on how to work through each section to maximize the benefits, please see section 1.0 Toolkit Instructions. Resources have been included below to provide context into suicide prevention in schools and to help jumpstart the brainstorming process.

Resources to Get You Started

Below is a list of common suicide prevention terms, definitions, and acronyms that are listed throughout this toolkit and within the evidence-based resources provided.
Common Suicide Prevention Terms

The “Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention” provides a model school suicide prevention policy with components that should be included.
Model School District Policy

The “Texas Suicide Safer Schools” report provides an overview of suicide prevention in Texas, general facts, and a blueprint for implementing legislation into schools.
Texas Suicide Safer Schools

The Recommendations for Suicide Safer Schools in Texas School District Action Steps handout lists 25 things that districts and schools can do for training, infrastructure, and to satisfy policy requirements.
Suicide Safer Schools Action Steps

The link below to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center provides access to practices and programs that are on the evidence-based, national registry.
Best Practices Registry List

This Texas-based suicide prevention website with resources for schools. For resources, go to Information Library › Schools & Youth Materials. For policy information and requirements, go to Policy Info.
Texas Suicide Prevention

This section of “Texas Suicide Safer Schools Implementation Guide and Tools” gives an overview of the Suicide Safer Schools Implementation Guide and Tools.
TxSSS Implementation Guide - Pt. 1