2.7 Program Evaluation


The seventh and last P stands for Program Evaluation. It is important to evaluate the suicide prevention efforts to see if they are effective in the school community. Measures should be in place to evaluate efforts for prevention, intervention, and Postvention. For example, evaluating skills learned through gatekeeper training can help to measure one aspect of the prevention efforts. After a suicidal crisis, another example could be convening as a team, discussing what worked best, what needs to be improved on, and then modifying the crisis protocol. The RAND National Defense Research Institute has a toolkit that can help with creating a suicide prevention program evaluation process.

    Facilitated Discussion Instructions
  1. Review and access the recommended and additional resources for this section (listed below).
  2. Complete the section Worksheet:

Worksheet 7: Program Evaluation

Recommended Resources for Discussing ‘Program Evaluation’

The following report from the RAND Corporation provides a best-practice framework for developing and implementing evaluation measures to gauge effectiveness in suicide prevention efforts.
RAND Evaluation Toolkit

    Additional Resources to Help with ‘Partnerships’

  • In the download below, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center provides a list of evaluation resources to utilize.
    Evaluation Resources
  • The link below contains a booklet which provides steps for effective evaluation and bridges the communication gap between program managers and evaluation specialists.
    Suicide Prevention: Prevention Effectiveness and Evaluation