School Pipeline Safety Toolkit

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The United States is crisscrossed with over 2.3 million miles of underground pipelines that are used to transport materials such as natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, crude oil, refined products, and other hazardous materials. Pipelines are essential and vital components of our nation’s economy. Underground pipelines are not only near our schools, but they also crisscross neighborhoods and entire communities. Use the materials below to introduce your students to the underground world of the pipeline system and to instill basic pipeline safety messages that can empower them to stay safe in a potential pipeline emergency.

Find Pipelines Near Your School

Leak Recognition and Response Guidance

Protecting Pipelines and Schools

Activities and Resources for Elementary Teachers

811 Kids Program

The 811 Kids Program includes a seven-minute video and complimentary classroom materials to teach elementary-aged children about pipelines and how they can help protect the pipelines in and around their homes. The program is sponsored by Common Ground Alliance, Williams and the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration.

811 Kids Video and Activities