School Safety Law Toolkit

2.5 Substance Use

Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use and abuse continue to be pressing concerns for schools. School districts must adhere to certain laws created by the legislature to help increase the safety and health of Texas school campuses.

TEC 28.002. Required curriculum

This section details the required curriculum of school districts, including educational programs related to drug and alcohol use. (Law reference…)

TEC 28.004. Local school health advisory council and health education instruction

This section details what schools must do regarding health education, including the use of tobacco. This section also directs the regulation of tobacco on school grounds, including the regulation of e-cigarettes. (Law reference…)

TEC 38.006. E-cigarettes and tobacco products on school property

This section contains information about e-cigarette and tobacco prohibition and enforcement on school property. This includes prohibition and enforcement during school-sanctioned activities on or off school property. (Law reference…)

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