School Safety Law Toolkit

2.4 School-Based Law Enforcement

Assigning law enforcement officers to school environments has become increasingly popular. The Texas Legislature created many laws surrounding the use of school-based police. Relevant information and resources are listed below.

TEC 28.012 Required Curriculum regarding interactions with peace officers

This section details the inclusion of instruction regarding interaction with peace officers in the required curriculum for certain public school students and in-driver education courses and to civilian interaction training for peace officers. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.0021. Use of confinement, restraint, seclusion, and time-out

This section outlines the use of various disciplinary or restraint techniques, including… (Law reference…)

TEC 37.081. School district peace officers and security personnel

This section defines school district peace officers and clarifies those who designate the role of school-based police officers within the school district. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.0811. School marshals

This section details the use of school marshals, including selection, training, and use of school marshals. For more information about the School Marshal Program, contact the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) by phone at 512-936-7777 or by email at (Law reference…)

TEC 37.0812. Training policy: School district peace officers and school resource officers

This section discusses the required training that school-based police must complete to serve the school environment (depending on the size of the school district). (Law reference…)

TEC 37.085. Arrests prohibited for certain class C misdemeanors

This section notes prohibition of arrests under certain circumstances. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.125 Exhibition of firearms

This section outlines the legal repercussions of exhibiting or threatening an individual with a firearm while on campus property. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.143. Citation prohibited; Custody of child

This section describes when school-based police may not issue citations to children. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.144. Graduated sanctions for certain school offenses

This section details the appropriate use of disciplinary practices that school districts with school-based police may develop. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.205. Safety training programs

This section outlines training programs that must be conducted by the Texas School Safety Center. Visit the Events section for information about training for school-based police officers. (Law reference…)

1. School Marshals and Other School District Personnel Carrying Firearms:

Safety is a top priority for every school district. Given the enormous variation in geography, resources, and demographics around the State of Texas, it is fitting that each school district make its own assessment of security needs and options. For many school districts, security planning will include a determination regarding whether the district should employ school resource officers, school marshals, or other employees who are authorized to carry firearms. Factors relevant to those determinations are discussed in this memorandum.(View reference…)

For more information and resources, visit the School-Based Law Enforcement topic page.