School Safety Law Toolkit

2.6 Social and Cultural Environment

The Texas Legislature recognizes the importance of maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships and a positive educational culture. Laws have been enacted to promote a safe social and cultural environment in Texas schools.

TEC 37.083. Discipline Management Programs and Sexual Harassment Policies

This section explains that school districts must implement a discipline management program to provide for prevention and education concerning sexual harassment. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.110. Information regarding gang-free zones

This section describes the inclusion of information related to gangs and organized criminal activities on school grounds. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.218. Programs on dangers of students sharing visual material depicting minor engaged in sexual conduct

This section explains that the Texas School Safety Center provides training on sexting and related issues. Visit the Before You Text tool to view the training. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.0181. Professional Development Regarding Disciplinary Procedures

This section describes the requirements for appropriate administrators who oversee discipline, the professional development that must be completed and how often. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.0013 Positive Behavior Program

This section outlines restrictions on suspension and expulsions of students in a grade level below grade three from public schools. (Law reference…)

TEC 21.12. Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student

This section details how improper relationships between educators and students remaining unreported is now a criminal offense and expands the applicability of an existing offense. (Law reference…)

TEC Art. 62.053 Sex Offender On-Campus Living Restrictions

This section discusses prohibiting certain sex offenders from residing on the campus of a public or private institution of higher education (Law reference…)

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