School Safety Law Toolkit

2.2 Emergency Management and Safety and Security Audits

Emergency management is at the forefront of school safety and security related issues. Legislation related to school-based emergency management encompasses a wide variety of mandates for public school and junior college districts. At the forefront of school safety legislation is the development of a multi-hazard emergency operations plan that addresses prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. School districts are also required to conduct drills and exercises, complete ongoing safety and security assessments, establish a Safety and Security Committee, coordinate with state and local partners, and perform a safety and security audit of their campuses every three years. Below are school-relevant law, legislation, and resources pertaining to emergency management and conducting safety and security audits.

TEC 37.108. Multi-hazard emergency operations plan; Safety and security audit

This section covers the creation of a multi-hazard emergency operations plan and discusses what the plan must contain, including relevant stakeholders and train derailment, among others. (Law reference…)

TEC 37.109. School Safety and Security Committee

This section includes information about school districts’ requirement to establish a school safety and security committee. (Law reference…)

TEC 42.155 Transportation Allotment for high violent areas

This section includes information for allotments allowed for students who live in high crime areas or areas where hazardous traffic conditions exist. (Law reference…)

TEC 547.701. Transportation Code

This section includes information about Texas transportation code requirements. These requirements help establish a safe environment for students on buses and other school retained vehicles. (Law reference…)

School Safety and Security Committee

The Texas School Safety Center has created guidelines designed to help districts understand the requirements of Texas Education Code (TEC) §37.109 and the establishment of the district’s Safety and Security Committee. These resources will assist the district in the development of an effective Safety and Security Committee.

Download Committee Guidance (Updated 2019)

Download Agenda Sample

Polling Place Safety Checklist

School district campuses and facilities may from time to time serve as polling places. While the district endeavors to maintain the sanctity of the election process, the safety of students, faculty and staff remain the primary responsibility. As such, election officials will be asked to remain cognizant of the importance of a safe and secure campus and will work with the facility manager or principal. In order to maintain district safety and security, the district should consider the items contained in the checklist.

Download Checklist

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