K-12 School Safety and Security Audit Toolkit

3.0 K-12 District Audit Report (DAR) Findings

The purpose of the District Audit Report (DAR) is to provide key results of the safety and security audits completed by Texas public school districts. In accordance with procedures developed by the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) or an equivalent public or private entity, the TEC requires districts to complete safety and security audits of their facilities once every three years. While the term “audit” is included in TEC §37.108 and used throughout this report for consistency, the process was developed as an ongoing self-assessment of a district's safety and security. A summary of the audit results is required to be submitted to the district Board of Trustees as well as the TxSSC, and incorporated into a statewide report for the public. Please click the links below to view the past findings reports from the DAR.

Download 2014-2017 DAR Report

Download 2011-2014 DAR Report

Download 2008-2011 DAR Report