High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning (EOP)

6.0 Evaluating, Revising, and Enhancing the Plan

Having a written and approved EOP is not the end of the planning process. At this point, the planning team has:

  • Evaluated the threats and hazards facing the district
  • Identified the functions and actions necessary to effectively respond to and recover from the impact of the hazards
  • Written a high-quality EOP that defines the concept of operations within the district and it s campuses for addressing the many needs of repsonse to and recovery from an emergency, disaster, or catastrophic event

However, the planning team only has a concept of what will actually transpire when an incident occurs. This section focuses training district personnel and students on the contents of the EOP, exercising the capabilities and functions described within the EOP, and developing corrective actions to address shortfalls or discrepancies in the EOP once it has been tested.

  1. 6.1: Training on the Plan

  2. 6.2: Drills and Exercises

  3. 6.3: After-Action Reviews, Corrective Action Planning, and Gap Analysis

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