High-Quality Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Toolkit

5.1 Basic Plan

Districts are required by law to prepare and maintain an EOP. The Basic Plan provides a top-level overview of the district’s preparedness and response activities. It describes expected hazards, capabilities, outlines agency roles and responsibilities, and explains how the district keeps the plan current. An appendix to the Basic Plan can outline the steps involved if a districts’ EOP is found to be noncompliant. The district should also include a policy statement in the Basic Plan regarding open records requests.

The Basic Plan ties your EOP together. It is considered the first layer of a high-quality multi-hazard EOP and creates the basis from which annexes are developed. The Basic Plan includes the following components:

basic plan flow chart introductory material, purpose and situation overview, concept of operations, organization and assignment of responsibilities, direction control and coordination, information collection analysis and dissemination, training exercises, administration finance and logistics, plan development and maintenance, authorities and references