High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning (EOP)

3.0 Establishing a Foundation for EOP Development

What emergencies should a district plan for? Clearly, the district emergency planning team includes many subject matter experts in a variety of fields; however, the team cannot assume that all necessary expertise will be readily available. A high-quality EOP is affected by plans, policies, procedures, agreements, and the availability of resources within the district.

To establish a high-quality EOP, the planning team must effectively identify the threats and hazards facing the district and the regulations that impact the district’s ability to prevent, protect, respond to, and recover from the occurrence of such threats and hazards. This section will address the threat/hazard analysis process and approaches to gathering pertinent information needed for emergency planning within the district.

  1. 3.1: Threat and Hazard Analysis

  2. 3.2: Information Gathering

  3. 3.3: Resource Management

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