High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning (EOP)

2.0 The Planning Process

The Planning Process, guided by the Six Planning Principles, ensures all activities necessary for the development of a comprehensive and high-quality EOP. Section 1 of this toolkit introduced emergency planning fundamentals and a number of templates to assist district and campus planners in developing a comprehensive EOP.

This section will expand on those introductory principles and create an operational knowledge of the activities necessary to begin the development of a high-quality EOP. The mechanics of the planning process will guide the planning team through the actual development of the EOP. You will implement the information presented in this section as the team begins to write the various parts of the EOP.

  1. 2.1: Building a Planning Team

  2. 2.2: Establishing Goals and Objectives

  3. 2.3: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Considerations

  4. 2.4: EOP Preparation, Review, and Approval

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