High-Quality Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Toolkit

2.0 The Planning Process

This section provides an operational knowledge of the activities necessary to begin the development of a high-quality multi-hazard EOP. The steps in the planning process will guide the planning team through the actual development of an EOP. You will implement the information presented in this section as the team begins to write the various parts of the EOP. Following the planning process ensures all activities for the development of a comprehensive, high-quality multi-hazard EOP are accomplished.

planning process chart outlining the 6 steps
  1. 2.1: Forming a Planning Team

  2. 2.2: Understanding the Situation

  3. 2.3: Determining Goals and Objectives

  4. 2.4: Plan Development

  5. 2.5: Plan Preparation, Review, and Approval

  6. 2.6: Plan Implementation and Maintenance

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