High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning

Toolkit Update Notice

This Toolkit has NOT BEEN UPDATED to include legislative changes from the 86th Texas Legislature, including SB 11. Updates to this and other Toolkits are in progress.

The High-Quality Emergency Operations Planning (EOP) Toolkit guides school personnel and planning committees through the process of developing, updating, or revising their EOP in a manner consistent with current standards and best practices. Whether your team is new to emergency planning or highly experienced in the field, this toolkit offers background information and resources, including job-aids, templates, samples, guides, and checklists, to help ensure your school district’s EOP is adequate, feasible, acceptable, complete, and compliant.

Emergency planning for schools is not only an important part of ensuring that a district is capable of protecting its students, faculty, and staff, but it is also legally required by state and federal law. This toolkit introduces the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the need for schools to adequately prepare for emergencies and the approaches schools should follow when doing so.

Developing and maintaining an EOP is a detailed process; however, it is always beneficial to consider the “bigger picture” of the establishment of a comprehensive emergency management program within the district. For more information on the concepts that this toolkit will address, refer to the Preparing Texas Schools for Emergencies video below:

Video | 5:44

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