COVID-19 and Mental Health Considerations Amid Reintegration to School

4.0 Bullying in the Classroom

The more people we can get on board to address this issue, the higher the chances are of creating a change in culture.

- Maurine Molak

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to schools. School closures brought the shift to remote instruction, and this shift provided students with even more time spent online. According to Common Sense Media, American tweens and teens were online on average 6-9 hours per day prior to remote instruction. Amid the pandemic, with escalating tension and isolation, an increase in cyberbullying, along with other forms of bullying and harassment, has been witnessed. It would be negligent not to acknowledge that this behavior will likely transition to the classroom. With the return to school, in-person, or a mixture of remote and in-person instruction, what can be expected and planned for?

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