COVID-19 and Mental Health Considerations Amid Reintegration to School

5.0 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Awareness

Half of mental health conditions begin by the age of 14 and 75% begin by the age of 24, but these issues often go undetected and untreated until they reach a crisis point.

- National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Please Note: This is not considered “training” and is not sufficient to meet any legal requirements for training. It is important to be properly trained, especially on issues related to students.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of mental illness is critical to early detection and initiating treatment and wraparound services. School staff are key partners in identifying these early signs in students and collaborating with parents and guardians in developing a support plan. It takes 8-10 years on average, from the time a person starts to display symptoms of a mental illness, until the time they get treatment. Think about the deterioration that can take place in that time. Earlier recognition and connection to supports can mitigate this deterioration.

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Section 5: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Awareness