'Before You Text' Sexting Prevention Course

Module Overview

Probably one of the hardest things for students to do is imagine and predict the impact their behavior can have on them as adults. This module will discuss both the career and educational negative consequences that can result from sexting.

Module Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify three different ways sexting can impact job and educational opportunities

Module Topics

This module will review the following topics:

  • Effects on your participation in extracurricular activities
  • Obstacles in your job and school application process?

How can sexting affect your participation in extracurricular activities?

If you choose to send inappropriate pictures or videos of yourself, school policies may prohibit you from participating in any school-sponsored activities, even if you are not formally charged and convicted of sexting. Teachers or administrators may even choose to hold you out of activities to avoid the disruption your participation might cause.

How can sexting create obstacles in your job application process?

Employers may turn down your application if you have a criminal record or they are concerned your character is not up to their standards. They also may not want someone on their staff who has inappropriate pictures circulating on the Internet.

How can sexting create obstacles in your school application process?

Similar to the job application process, college admissions staff may look critically at someone who chose to send inappropriate pictures or videos of themselves that eventually ended up on the Internet. Admissions offices are known to conduct online research of social networking sites and search engines.