2017-2020 DAR Survey Questions

The TxSSC is posting a PDF copy of the DAR questions for informational purposes only. The online reporting system (DARtool) used to submit your audit data to the TxSSC will open on April 15, 2020 and will remain open until September 15, 2020. The DARtool is the only method for submission and all submissions must take place between April 15, 2020 and September 15, 2020.

This reporting cycle is not applicable to charter schools, but the questions may be useful for charter schools to gain a better understanding of the types of questions that may be asked for their audit cycle which began in 2019 and will end in 2022.

No further additions or deletions are anticipated, however, the online DARtool, opening on April 15th, will be the official DAR of record that all districts must complete to comply with the reporting requirements of this audit cycle.

View the 2017-2020 DAR Questions

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