YPC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Camp

How much does camp cost? What all is included?

The TxSSC scholarships all groups who are selected, so camp is FREE! Scholarships include camp registration fees, parking, lodging, all meals and snacks, event materials and supplies, CERT training materials and supplies, and CERT gear.

The only cost to groups who attend is transportation, which will be required during camp as all meals occur in a separate location of Texas State University.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions/food allergies?

Yes. The registration form includes a section for special accommodations.

How do I cancel our group's registration?

Should you need to cancel your group's registration, please email Julie Palmer at julie.palmer@txstate.edu . A group's cancellation must be emailed to be processed.

Are replacements allowed?

Yes. Please contact Julie Palmer at julie.palmer@txstate.edu to make substitutions for individual participants.

Do adult participants receive a CERT certificate?

Yes. All adult participants and team leaders are encouraged and expected to participate in all activities and training exercises with their youth group members.

What types of preparedness projects can my group implement after camp?

  • Organize and host a community preparedness day so community members can learn about local disaster preparedness from city or county emergency managers and first responders.
  • Implement a community-wide training on First Aid, CPR, or Control the Bleed.
  • Create a preparedness media campaign for the school and/or community setting.
  • Build emergency “Go Kits” for classrooms, senior centers, families, etc.
  • Deliver a training to peers and younger students about family safety actions to prevent an emergency or respond during an emergency.

What are the video application requirements?

All youth groups are required to submit a video that showcases how coming to camp will create a culture of preparedness in their school and/or community. Each video will be scored based upon the team’s responses and following the video filming requirements outlined below.

Please answer the following:

  1. Tell us about your youth group. Have each team member, including adult leader(s), briefly introduce themselves. (60-90 seconds)
  2. Tell us why your team should be selected to attend Youth Preparedness Camp. (30-60 seconds)
  3. Each team attending Camp will create a school or community awareness project involving emergency preparedness. In your video, discuss at least one project idea your team would like to plan at camp for the upcoming school year. (1-3 minutes)
  4. Which area or skill of emergency preparedness would you like your team to learn more about? (30-60 seconds)

Video Filming Requirements:

  • Film in landscape mode
  • Clear audio and video
  • Total time is 5 - 8 minutes or less
  • All students and adult leader(s) participate in video responses

Video Submission:

Once the video is completed, email Julie Palmer at julie.palmer@txstate.edu that your video is ready for submission. Then, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to submit your video.