YPC Video Requirements

Applying to Camp

Youth groups who want to attend camp MUST submit an application form and video that showcases how coming to camp will create a culture of preparedness in their school and/or community.

Application Requirements

  • Only youth participants who have NOT received CERT training are eligible to attend.
  • All group participants must reside in Texas.
  • Youth groups can be school or community based.
  • Youth participants must be entering 9th-12th grade for the upcoming school year.
  • Adult leaders must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Group size cannot exceed 12 participants: 10 youth and 2 adults
  • If a group has more than 5 youth participants, a second adult participant must attend camp.

Application Instructions

  • Only 1 application should be submitted by each group.
  • Only the Adult Team Leader should submit the group's application. Each group must also submit a video to complete their application.
  • It is the Adult Team Leader's responsibility to ensure all necessary materials have been received by the deadline.

The deadline to apply and submit the video is April 19th by 12pm CT. Applicants will be notified of their status by April 26th.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application and/or process, please contact staff at julie.palmer@txstate.edu .

Video Requirements

All youth groups applying to camp MUST submit one video that showcases how coming to camp will create a culture of preparedness in their school and/or community.

Each video will be scored based upon the team's responses and the ability to follow the video filming requirements outlined below.

Please Note: The video your team submits is used to determine if your group is selected to attend camp, so be creative with your video and think outside the box.

Please answer the following in your team's video:

  1. Tell us about your youth group. Have each team member, including adult leader(s), briefly introduce themselves. (60-90 seconds)
  2. Tell us why your team should be selected to attend Youth Preparedness Camp. (30-60 seconds)
  3. Each team attending Camp will create a school or community awareness project involving emergency preparedness. In your video, discuss at least one project idea your team would like to plan at camp for the upcoming school year. (1-3 minutes)
  4. Which area or skill of emergency preparedness would you like your team to learn more about? (30-60 seconds)

Video Filming Requirements:

  • Film in landscape mode
  • Clear audio and video
  • Total time is 5 - 8 minutes or less
  • All students and adult leader(s) participate in video responses

Video Submission:

Once your team's video is ready for submission, email staff at julie.palmer@txstate.edu to receive instructions on how to submit the video.