Texas Youth Preparedness Council

The mission of the Texas Youth Preparedness Council is to engage and empower youth in individual and community preparedness activities and roles.

What is the Texas Youth Preparedness Council?

The Texas Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) brings together youth leaders from across the state who are interested in emergency preparedness and making their communities more resilient in the face of potential disasters. Emergency preparedness is a continuous process where communities plan, organize, and train in an effort to ensure effective coordination during a response to potential natural, human-caused, or technological disasters. This includes, but is not limited to, improving general community awareness of threats, hazards, and protective actions; ensuring adequate supplies needed for a disaster response, and training/exercising a planned response. The council provides an opportunity for Texas high school students to enhance their knowledge of emergency preparedness and develop leadership skills that will help them in addressing and supporting the needs of their communities in regards to emergency preparedness.

Texas Youth Preparedness Council Member's Roles and Responsibilities

A member of the Texas Youth Preparedness Council is expected to complete a self-selected emergency preparedness project. A member is encouraged to voice their opinions, experiences, ideas, solutions, and questions on youth disaster preparedness with the leadership of state and local organizations working on emergency preparedness. Being selected to serve on the Texas Youth Preparedness Council is an honor but it is also a significant responsibility that requires dedication and commitment.

Youth Preparedness Council Members fill three (3) roles while on the council:

1) Project Planners: The members will each choose a local project that they will complete while serving on the council.

2) Ambassadors for Youth Preparedness: Council members will advocate the importance of youth emergency preparedness in their local communities and on a state level.

3) Liaison to the State: The members of the Council will meet with state partners and its partner organizations to share their insights, opinions, and perspectives on Texas (and others') efforts and initiatives on youth emergency preparedness.

Council Member Term

Youth Preparedness Council members are expected to serve one (1) year on the Council. Each Council year begins on June 1 and ends May 31. All students are expected to complete at least one (1) self-selected youth emergency preparedness-related project in his or her community or region. This project must be approved by the youth's mentor and/or advisory council. Should a council member apply and be selected for another one (1) year term, he/she will be expected to complete at least one (1) state level youth emergency preparedness-related project in collaboration with other second term Council member(s). In addition to the state project, Year 2 Council members are expected to serve as mentors to new, first year Council members as well as plan and facilitate monthly Council meetings.

2022-2023 TX YPC Ambassadors

  • Graycen Clements (Year 3) Baytown, TX
  • Ian Nutting (Year 2) Austin, TX
  • Tenby Werlin (Year 2) Austin, TX

2022-2023 TX YPC Students

  • Devonta Alaniz San Benito, TX
  • Kashyapi Atri Cypress, TX
  • Jaclyn Chavez Ft. Worth, TX
  • Jeffrey Chen Austin, TX
  • Emma Goddard Baytown, TX
  • Rahul Kailasam Little Elm, TX
  • Aurora Lillard College Station, TX

2022-2023 TX YPC State Advisors

  • Carla Burris Friendswood, TX
  • Shawna Lemley OEM Arlington, TX
  • Earl Smith OHSEM Houston, TX